Plant & Equipment


These rear tractor mounted flail mowers are suited for grass, bushes and branches.

They consist of a cutting head and a shifting arm which enable the machine to incline itself up to 90 degrees up, and to 65 degrees down.

These machines follow the unevenness of the ground and have a built in anti shock device to improve the safety of the operator and the machine itself. With heavy duty barrells, external bearings, and solid hammers this assists in easier maintenance and reduces downtime.   


Another addition to our range of plant and equipment is the Gason 7ft extra heavy duty slasher. Featuring a rigid plate headstock, connected to under body structure supports. This Gason slasher has 8mm thick height adjustable sides and 12mm thick hardened steel skids.

These Slashers are fitted with a heavy duty PTO Shaft. Front and rear chain stone guards. These Gason slashers are ideal for roadside slashing aswell as slashing of larger areas.


Massey Ferguson 7465 4WD Air Cab Tractor fitted with Noremat 83T Telescopic Reach Mower with Reach of 8.3m from centre of tractor. The machine is the largest Reach Mower of its type in Australia. The Noremat Reach Mower are regarded as the Rolls Royce of Reach mower and is the strongest, most reliable, powerful and safest Reach mower of its type on the market to date.

The Massey Tractor that the reach mower is fitted to has a CVT transmission which is the most efficient transmission on the market today. Due to the way this transmission works we can conservatively say that this tractor will have a 20% increase in production compared to a conventional tractor. 


Claas 420 CIS 4WD Air Cab is the latest technology in the 400 series.  Weighing in at less than 900kg which is far less than the older series. It is powered by a 108hp which is 30% more powerful then the older models. The overall shape has changed leaving this tractor with much better vision over the entire tractor, especially over the sloped bonnet, making the 420 one of the safest tractors to operate. Claas 420 has a longer wheel base which in turn makes this tractor more stable and leaves less of a footprint on the earth, with its 50/50 weight distribution over the front and rear axles. Fitted to Berends 7ft extra heavy duty slasher with dual wheel kits, automatic cam clutch, and top speed almost doubles compared to other slashers, will give 20% to 40% better productivity then other machines in the area.