Roadside Slashing

Throughout the year, Tropical Aqua Blast carry out ongoing schedules of road slashing in specific areas to eliminate the situation whereby vegetation is growing onto roads creating visibility hazards and/or unsafe driving conditions. In some cases, there is also the need to slash vegetation to create firebreaks.

This is where our fleet of Claas 420 CIS 4WD Air Cab comes to the fore. This is the latest technology to be brought by Claas in the 400 series and weighing in at less than 900kg, it is lighter than the older series. The 420 has 108hp which is 30% more powerful than previous models. Another new feature is the overall shape has changed leaving this tractor with much better overall vision, especially over the sloped bonnet, making the 420 one of the safest tractors to operate.  The Claas 420 has a longer wheel base which in turn makes this tractor more stable and with a 50/50 weight distribution over the front and rear axles, it leaves less of a footprint on the earth.

And once fitted to Berends 7ft extra heavy duty slasher with dual wheel kits, automatic cam clutch, and tip speed almost doubled compared to other slashers, will provide 20% to 40% better productivity than other machines in the area.

Utilizing the latest technology from GPS mapping and satellite self-steering abiding to OH&S compliances.