Remote Region Weed Spraying

For these projects we use Mazdas T3 500 truck which are versatile poison trucks and also utilised as a water carrier aiding in remote areas where water is hard to access or when large scopes of work are involved. They are capable of holding 2000lt of water or pre-mix poison. The Mazda T3 is equipped with 8m boom spray, retractable hose reels and wands. The boom spray unit is fitted with Tjet nozzles which greatly assists to maximize and regulate a precise spray required on the targeted areas. Additionally, utilising the hand reel with a wand set­up for any hard to target areas will again allow for a more economic, efficient and precise result. 

These trucks are utilized as an OH&S vehicle with its water holding capacity to assist as a fire prevention unit, equipped with flashing lights, beepers and carry racks to meet all job site safety requirements.